Members of the Sunshine Committee telephone new registrants to St. Elizabeth Seton Parish. Their purpose is to extend an informal welcome in a one-on-one situation, to answer any questions new parishioners might have and offer both information and friendship in an effort to make newcomers feel truly welcome. In addition, members of the Sunshine Committee are making dinners for new mothers and sick parishioners, driving to medical appointments or just making a friendly call or visit to anyone in need. For more information and/or to place a request for your needs please contact Laura Danner, 203-438-6956 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or Jennifer Cade, 914-707-1674 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Parish Nurse Corner


“Listen to the noise they make like the rumbling of chariots, like the roar of fire sweeping across a field of stubble, or like a mighty army moving into battle”” - Joel 2:5

Ears are sensitive organs and loud noises can damage them. If you have trouble hearing the person next to you speak, the noise is already in the danger level. Normal conversation, alarm clocks, and street sounds measure 80 decibels (dB) which is just under the point that is safe (85 dB). Sounds from rock music, chain saws, subways, lawnmowers, and snowmobiles range from 90-110 dBs and over time will cause hearing loss. To prevent this type of permanent loss, wear earplugs to soften the sound and when possible, limit your time around any loud noise.

2017 Annual Catholic Appeal

ACA 2017

Renewed in Faith Hope and Charity

The 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal is now underway in the diocese. To view some of the charitable initiatives, please view the video below that displays some of the programs & beneficiaries. 

As a parish it would be an accomplishment to meet our goal and increase parishioner participation. Please pray for a successful campaign. Thank you. Father Prince.

Coffee Hour

coffee2The Parish Coffee Hour is held most Sundays following the 9:30 am Mass.

Baked goods are always welcome! There are usually 2 families who volunteer to host each Sunday. The first Sunday of the month is always hosted by the Prime Timers.If you would like to host a coffee hour please contact Cyndi Markovitz.