St. Elizabeth Seton

We are a spirit-filled Catholic Community of faith-centered people dedicated to the growth of God's Kingdom and the living of the Gospel. We proclaim the Good News of Salvation to all by living a life of faith and loving concern for all our sisters and brothers.

Parish Nurse Corner


"Though he stumbles, he will not fall, for the LORD upholdshim with his hand. Psalm 37:24”

In the senior population, the majority of traumatic brain injuriesare contributed to falls because of problems with balanceand vision. Some symptoms of brain injuries are similar tothose of a stroke, so question the person about any recent fallsor injuries when assessing a situation. To prevent falls, encouragethe person to strengthen his or her gait through exercise.Assess the home for safety issues; remove throw rugs,install grab bars in the bathroom, and check for adequatelighting. Check medications for side effects of confusionwhich might result in a fall. Safety measures are importantfor the prevention of brain injury.



2016 Annual Catholic Appeal


Renewed in Faith Hope and Charity

The 2016 Annual Catholic Appeal is now underway in the diocese. To view some of the charitable initiatives, please view the video below that displays some of the programs & beneficiaries. 

As a parish it would be an accomplishment to meet our goal and increase parishioner participation. Please pray for a successful campaign. Thank you. Father Prince.

To donate to the appeal go to the Bridgeport Diocese Website

Coffee Hour

coffee2The Parish Coffee Hour is held most Sundays following the 9:30 am Mass.

Baked goods are always welcome! There are usually 2 families who volunteer to host each Sunday. The first Sunday of the month is always hosted by the Prime Timers.If you would like to host a coffee hour please contact Cyndi Markovitz.